Today you will learn about energy.

G. is the ability to do work it takes energy to play to stand up. There are many types of energy which all fall into 2 primary types the energy of moving objects called the Connecticut energy and the energy that is stored called the potential energy let’s see the different types of energy one by one.

Gravitational energy is associated with gravity or gravitational force it is the energy held by an object because of its high position compared to a lower position for example. See these elephants this one has more gravitational potential energy as it is on higher ground this one has less whereas gravitational force acting on both is the same.

Thermal or heat energy it is created from the vibration of molecules and atoms within substances the faster they moved the more energy they produce and the harsher they become. Chemical energy it is the potential of a chemical substance that undergoes a transformation through a chemical reaction to transform other chemical substances.

Potential Energy

For example the food we are digested to convert chemical energy into other forms of energy used by cells. Electrical energy is generated by moving electric charges cold electrons lighting and electric cells are examples of electrical energy.

Radiant door late energy is a form of electromagnetic radiation light travels in waves that are the only kind of energy humans can see for example the energy from the sun. Nuclear energy is the energy that holds together the nucleus of atoms it is released during nuclear fusion. Elastic energy.

See this toy with spring elastic objects like an elastic band or coiled springs store elastic energy when the force causes them to be squashed door stretch. Mechanical or motion energy is the energy associated with the position and motion of an object. Sound energy is produced when sound waves move outward from a sound source or a vibrating object.

The standard unit of measure for energy is the jewels which are abbreviated as J. yes it’s time to learn the law of conservation of energy it states that energy can never be created nor destroyed but it can be transformed from one type to another.

Conservationist classifies the energy into 2 types renewable and non-renewable or those energy sources which can renew itself for takes millions of years words formation these include nuclear fuels petroleum natural gas coal it’s Sentra renewable energy is those energy sources which could be renewed easily by physical-chemical or biological process examples are wind power from windmills and solar power from the sun.

We should save energy as much as possible saving energy can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to a healthier planet. Now you know a lot about energy stay tuned.



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