How to extract Simple Solar Energy

Simple Solar Energy
Simple Solar Energy

Alternative sources of energy

Simple Solar Energy, The source of energy used mainly at the present time is fossil fuels consisting mainly of natural gas, oil, coal and materials derived from them, where other materials can be extracted and the main materials converted to other sub-elements to serve other goals, or to operate machines that depend on the type Specific fuels, but the problems of using fossil fuels became many and other sources of energy had to be searched for.

Problems of using fossil fuels

Among the most prominent problems of fossil fuels are the following: Pollution:

  • where fossil fuels expose the environment to pollution problems; Because they emit harmful substances such as carbon monoxide when burned, and pollution problems have caused great damage to the surface of the earth and humans, and many dangerous diseases related to pollution have appeared that can kill humans and animals.
  • The ozone layer: The ozone layer is perforated, which protects the earth from the leakage of dangerous rays that harm humans and the environment and expose them to great problems, and lead to many diseases, due to pollutants resulting from burning fossil fuels, such as chlorine, fluorine and carbon. Global warming: It helped to raise the global temperature dramatically, which led to the depletion of rain water, and would later cause snow at the poles to melt.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is a form of alternative energy, as it is considered a renewable energy resource, and many modern machines have been invented that capture solar rays and convert them into energy, and modern science is turning to renewable energy resources because of the severe damage caused by fossil fuel sources, and they are threatened with depletion. soon.

How to extract simple solar Energy

One of the simplest methods of extracting and exploiting solar energy is “photo voltaic cells”, known as “PV cells”. Its use is widespread at the present time. Solar cells collect the solar energy emitted from the sun directly and convert it into electrical energy and use it to operate various machines.

It can also be saved for later use, and there are other forms of collecting solar energy such as the solar heater, which is widely spread in the Arab world, especially in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, as it is installed on the roofs of houses and collects solar rays and uses them to raise the temperature and heat water inside the tanks, and it is one of the simple devices to use. , Easy to install, and low cost, and called in English collectors, and there are other types of solar radiation collectors are based on heating the air and fluids in general.

Video Show how to extract Simple Solar Energy



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