How to Use Solar Energy

How to Use Solar Energy
How to Use Solar Energy

Water heating

How to Use Solar Energy, Solar collectors on the roofs of buildings use the heat from the sun’s rays to obtain the heat. As these solar installations do not convert light into electricity, but rather use the sun’s heat to increase the temperature of the water that passes through the pipes in the collector, then this water is used for various purposes such as swimming, bathing, washing clothes and others. [1]

Operating satellites

are used. Satellites, solar cells, to convert solar energy into electrical energy; As the amount of solar energy reaching the satellites is 1,300 watts per square meter; This is because space does not contain clouds or air to block the sun’s rays. Satellites use this energy to power computers and radios. It is worth noting that these photovoltaic cells provide enough energy for satellites for twenty years. [1]

Operating calculators

contain some calculators. On miniature solar panels inside; This is to provide the energy needed to operate the electronics inside, and these solar panels work on sunlight and industrial lighting. It is worth noting that calculators that contain solar panels also contain batteries, and this allows them to be used in low-light settings.

Electricity production

can be converted. Solar radiation directly into electricity in the presence of solar cells, or what are known as photovoltaic cells. Where a small electrical voltage is generated as a result of the collision of sunlight with a link between a metal and a semiconductor such as silicon, or a link that combines two types of semiconducting materials, and it should be noted that the resulting power does not exceed 2 watts, but by connecting large numbers of cells Hundreds or even thousands of kilowatts of solar energy can be generated. [2]

Charging the batteries

Any battery-powered device can be charged with solar energy; By a type of photovoltaic panel system, as the nature of solar photovoltaic panels is to produce direct current (DC), which is the same as the current used in batteries, and many inexpensive solar panels contain a set of connections that allow direct charging of many devices such as Cell phones, computers, etc. [3]



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