Nevada Energy

Nevada Energy

Nevada Energy, They work in extreme temperatures they’re on call 2004 hours a day think about your linemen Intel you need when you need them they are here I’m with many Kennedy with Nevada Energy. Such a cool area who knew it was a training yard this is true that we do offer the most excellent training in art with the support of our leadership here at Nevada Energy and our goal is to keep every lineman apprentice safe and our lines apartment in order to do that.

We have these gentlemen who are trainers and we currently have about. 80 plus lime and currently working here that train in this facility as well as about 20 apprentices now we recently celebrated lineman appreciation day is on July 10 it’s kind of a big day for you guys because I want to let you know that we do appreciate you feel that you know that you are helping so many people I know it gets hot out here I know it gets tough but really we rely on you guys to do your job well.

Nevada Energy
Nevada Energy


The appreciation of our job but we take pride in our work and it’s just what we do every day so the training that’s provided and the energy is also. And we’re confident in our work as we go out and help keep the lights on for the public and I know we have one of the most solid grades here in the Vegas area outages do happen I understand mylar balloons one of the leading causes that’s crazy yep believe it or not the cool little balloons that are $1 at the dollar store are a no-no.

Electricity and Natural Gas provider for Nevada. We recommend that if you do have a birthday party I have kids too and generally we try to cut the balloon up and thrown it in the trash instead of letting it go out into the air because I generally find the power lines and cause outages and I know that cars hitting your equipment is a big cause and of course the weather is a big and you guys when you know a storm coming in.

Nevada Energy

you’re on call waiting by the phone that’s correct we are ready to go we are unique individuals that are ready to go to work every day any time of the day and yes there are many cars that run into things many of the outages that are created in public or not because of Nevada Energy that’s because the public has caused an issue that has been you guys fix it first instinct is always a big concern is what you mentioned.

what a great training program an apprentice program you have what it goes into the understand itself 4 years of training correctly.

we have about 20 apprentices currently and each one of our friends goes through a 4-year apprenticeship program broken down into 8000 hours and they’ll go through different steps as they progress and then at the end.

we just recently had 7 apprentices taken journeymen test and become journeymen here and the energy thanks to you so much for your time we appreciate you guys back there we appreciate you thank you for all your hard work and if you are interested in learning more about the apprentice program our jobs and the energy and the slash careers and of course, you want to think and the energy to being one of our community pride partners.

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