Research on Solar and Wind Energy

Solar and Wind Energy
Solar and Wind Energy

Solar Energy

Solar and Wind Energy, Solar energy is the radiation produced by sunlight, as it is used in the process of producing heat used in chemical reactions with the aim of generating electricity. [1] More precisely, solar energy is defined as a form of renewable energy resulting from the conversion of sunlight into electricity, [2] The reason for this is that the total amount of solar energy on Earth greatly exceeds the amount actually used or expected to be used in the world, so it must be used in the best way in order to meet all future energy needs. There is no doubt that solar energy has become one of the most important renewable energy sources because Its supplies that do not run out, and its characteristics that do not pollute the environment, meaning that its qualities are completely different from those of fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum, and natural gas. [1]

Solar Cell

A solar cell or photovoltaic cell is any device that converts light energy into electrical energy through the photoelectric effect, and in general, the majority of the great solar cells are made of silicon, and solar cells are distinguished by that they do not require chemical reactions as is the case in batteries, and they do not It requires fuel to produce electricity as it does in fuel cells. It is also the opposite of generators because they do not contain moving parts. [3]

Wind Energy

Wind energy is defined as a form of energy that is used due to the conversion of the kinetic energy of the wind into electrical or mechanical energy, and in general, it can be used in homes and industries, where wind energy is currently consumed at a rate of 1% of global energy production. (4) ]


People come to mind in the Netherlands as soon as they hear the word windmill because there are thousands of windmills in it, and in general windmills were initially considered one of the important sources of energy, but this idea faded away during the Industrial Revolution, that is, when the fossil fuels arrived The place of wind and running water that was used as a source of energy, yet the idea of ​​benefiting from winds and windmills began to return in the twenty-first century because wind is a clean and renewable energy source without end. [5]

Uses of Solar Energy

Solar energy is used for three main purposes, which are as follows: [6]

    • Water heating.





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