Solar Power Generator

Solar power generator
Solar power generator

Solar cells

Solar Power Generator, Solar cells are a photoelectric device, and it works to convert the energy emitted from the sun into electrical energy directly, and it depends on the light effect in its work, and the cells used in it are also called photoelectric and photoelectric cells. Solar cells installed on solar panels collect the fallen solar energy and convert it into electrical energy.

A PV Cell

pv cell, called a photovoltaic cell, or a photo voltaic cell, is one of the types of devices that convert the captured energy from the sun into electrical energy without media directly, and it consists of crystalline and amorphous elements, consisting mainly of silicon.

A solar power generator

recently became famous for using solar energy to generate electricity instead of fossil fuels that are threatened with extinction soon, in addition to threatening the environment by exposing the earth to pollution, and many other problems such as increasing the hole in the ozone layer, raising the temperature of the earth, and global warming; This leads to melting snow in the poles, instead of supplying the generator with fuel to work, it is connected to the solar cells that produce energy directly, providing the electric generator and any other device with the necessary energy. There are several types of solar cells, including the following:

  • Cells powered by monocrystalline silicon, and produce 16% energy efficiency.
  • Cells powered with polycrystalline silicon, producing energy with an efficiency of 13%.
  • Morphoid cells: They are operated by depositing layers of silicon on the used solar panels, and they produce energy with an efficiency of 3-6%, and are less expensive than the previous two types.

Problems of using solar energy to generate electricity

    • Pollute the solar panels with dust: and thus lose 50% of their efficiency, they must be cleaned on a monthly basis to ensure their purity, and give them the same level of efficiency required.


  • Solar panels depend on the sun and its light to produce energy, so it is not possible to take advantage of these panels to produce energy at night or when the sunlight disappears due to some climatic atmosphere, although the produced energy can be stored for later use, but this process is done using high-cost and additional equipment.
  • High prices for solar cells and their equipment; As they are characterized by high prices and not widespread in the markets; The reason is due to the high cost of the elements that are used in their manufacture and the scarcity of their existence, so they are less used in the country, especially in developing countries.

Video Shows how to make Solar Power Generator



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