The Largest Solar Project

Solar Project
Solar Project

The Indian plant

The Largest Solar Project, India has pledged to build the largest solar power plant in the world, and confirmed that the production capacity of that project will be about 4,000 megawatts, equivalent to four complete nuclear reactors, and there is no doubt that the project is very huge, and it is ten times larger than any project. Another for solar energy, and will extend over an area of 77 square kilometers, meaning that its area is larger than the area of Manhattan Island. [1]

Six private companies of the state worked on the implementation of this project, and those responsible for these companies explained that the project could be completed within seven years at a financial cost of $ 4.4 billion, and they also proposed a place located in the northern state of Rajasthan, and indicated that the solar photovoltaic station will last for about 25 years. It is expected to save about 6.4 billion kilowatts annually, and there is no doubt that this project will reduce carbon dioxide emissions in India by 4 million tons annually. [1]

The Saudi Project

In 2010, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia planned to establish a renewable energy project in King Abdullah City with the aim of expanding the ability to generate electricity in the Kingdom, by introducing solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, and nuclear energy, because about 50% of the total electrical production In the Kingdom, it comes from non-fossil fuel sources, and about 17.6 gigawatts of nuclear energy, so by 2040 solar energy will be an alternative to all non-renewable sources, and the Saudi government recently adopted Vision 2030, which aims to open up to the private sector, especially in the sector. energy; To redesign an energy support system, and generate about 9.5 gigawatts of electricity from renewable sources. [2]

Solar energy and electricity

Many people wonder about the possibility of getting electricity from 354 kilometers above the ground, and there is no doubt that the best source of energy for the spacecraft is sunlight, as engineers have developed special techniques to convert solar energy into electrical energy efficiently and effectively. Solar arrays that convert light directly into electricity using a process called photovoltaic (PV). These arrays are made from thousands of solar cells, and from pure pieces of silicon. [3]




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