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Tenergy Solla AAA Rechargeable NiMH Battery, 600mAh Solar Batteries for Outdoor Solar Lights, Outdoor Patio Lights, Anti-Leak, Outdoor Durability, 5+ Years Performance, 12 PCS, UL Certified

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  • Solar PRO technology – Tenergy aaa solar batteries for outdoor solar lights are designed eliminate solar light battery problems: leaking due to over-charging from long sunny summer days, dead batteries due to over-discharging from extended rainy or cloudy days. Never need to worry about your solar lights going dark again. Tenergy is trusted by millions of users in USA and worldwide, we are a Silicon Valley based company with over 15 years of experience in batteries.
  • Year around outdoor durability – Reliably power your outdoor décor solar lights all seasons under all weather conditions. Engineered and produced to deliver reliable power performance and extended battery life with solar lighting application environment in mind; the high end battery materials and special formula withstands freezing cold and blistering hot outdoor temperatures.
  • Ultra long battery life – With 2,000 charging and discharging battery life, Tenergy Solla rechargeable AAA batteries outlast 4 to 5 times more than regular NIMH AAA battery life. Tenergy Solla NIMH AAA battery can power your solar lights up to 5 years, no more changing your solar light battery every 1-2 years. Generate more long-term savings when replacing regular solar garden light batteries.
  • Clean power and safety - Tenergy's solar garden lights NiMH batteries are made environmental friendly materials, free of toxic heavy metals that comes with NiCd rechargeable batteries. Battery is UL Certified.
  • Ready-to-use - Rechargeable solar batteries ship pre-charged ready-to-go out of the box. An ideal replacement for NiCD or NiMH solar batteries (NOT a replacement for LifePO4 batteries). Tenergy's Solla batteries include 12 months warranty, and lifetime support from California support team.

Tenergy AAA Rechargeable Battery, High Capacity 1000mAh NiMH AAA Battery, 1.2V Triple A Batteries 24-Pack

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  • MONEY SAVING & ECO FRIENDLY - Being one of the most cost-effective batteries, Tenergy NiMH batteries will have paid for themselves after 10 charges. Diminishing the carbon footprint by limiting the waste caused by disposable batteries. Switch over. Save. Reuse. Recharge with Tenergy.
  • REPLACE STANDARD BATTERIES – Ideal replacements for single use batteries of all sizes from AA, AAA, C, D, and 9V.
  • EVERYDAY USE - Use it in all your household everyday devices such as LED lights, flashlights, solar lights, night lights, calculators, remotes, controllers, cordless phones, RC toys, headlights, garden lights, headsets, alarm-clocks and many more.
  • PERFORMANCE LASTING – All battery sizes are high value and capacity and keep your electronics running while keeping your expenses on batteries low.
  • NO MEMORY EFFECT - Recharge these batteries anytime needed. Never worry about recharging them while partially empty, these batteries will provide the full capacity for each usage and will not have any memory effect.

EBL AAA Rechargeable Batteries for Solar Lights Replacement Garden Light, 1.2V 500mAh High Performance Ni-CD Battery - 20 Pack

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  • More than 1200 times cycle: Equipped with advanced technology, these 20 counts aaa batteries can be charged or discharged up to 1200 times, more longer life-span than disposable battery, saving money for you.
  • Perfect fit in solar lights - Just replace the old batteries in your solar light, Fix and light them again with these aaa solar batteries. Use these rechargeable batteries with those devices which eat batteries, no need to buy regular battery anymore, just charging them in your home.
  • Excellent Performance in All Season - Much better performance than other type batteries while in hot or cold weather, keep working from winter to summer.
  • Pre-Charged Rechargeable Batteries - Partial Pre-charged rechargeable batteries can be work when you get them. These 20 packs aaa rechargeable batteries with 500mAh high capacity which last longer than your original one, bring new life to your solar light.
  • Low Self-discharge - Embedded seal structure expand the space of crystal lattice, make more room for hydrogen, EBL rechargeable batteries will hold 75% power after 3-years storage, benefit from its concentration to low self-discharge project.

NiMH Rechargeable AAA Battery Pack of 12, 600mAh 1.2v Pre Charged Triple A Solar Battery for Solar Lights, Remote Controller, Electric Toys, UL Certified

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  • 【Rechargable and Money Saving】 The rechargeable AAA battery can be constantly recharged at least 500 times, saving you money on purchasing one-time use disposable alkaline batteries. Up to a 5 year battery life for long lasting power. Also less harmful to environment than disposable batteries
  • 【High Performance and Long Lasting】 Each AAA rechargeable battery was built with 600mAh capacity rating that translates for longer working time, allowing you to use devices longer while making the most of its single charge. They won't lose the maximum capacity while NiCD batteries do
  • 【Wide Daily Uses】 Can be widely used for battery string lights, toys, TV remote, flashlight, wireless mouses, portable audio players, game controllers, smart home devices, digital cameras, and other everyday electronics
  • 【Solar and Standard Charging】 These rechargeable NiMH batteries can be charged via solar or standard charging units. Using fast charger is a better choice since its has a large capacity
  • 【30% Precharged for Ready Use】 For transportation safety purpose, these batteries are only precharged with 30% power, so charge them before use for longer working time. In addition, recharge the battery every 3 months can make its lifespan longer

AAA Nimh 600mAh 1.2v Rechargeable Battery for Outdoor Solar Lights Garden Lamp(4 Pack)

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  • Our nimh aaa 600mah 1.2v rechargeable batteries for solar lights are Ideal for fast discharge applications / solar lights ,RC/AC remote etc
  • AAA Ni-mh Rechargeable Batteries ensure longer lighting power up to 12 hrs of light
  • Designed especially for solar lights,Uses the power of sunlight to recharge; easy to install (Remember to Keep your solar light switch on)Install batteries in the morning and allow them to charge throughout the day.
  • These Nimh AAA rechargeable batteries can be charged via solar cell lights or standard charging units.
  • this is AAA battery,NOT AA.please make sure which size you would like before buying.AAA battery is shorter than AA ones.
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