Tesla Roofing

Tesla Roofing

Tesla Roofing, Yeah, let’s do it. Let’s move on to the golden state power guys. It feels so good to finally arrive. It doesn’t feel good. All of your problems are now in the past. Yeah. All in the past. I, I feel better than I’ve ever felt in my life. Yeah. I just woke up that morning. I’m like, Oh my gosh. I look so fit. Let me tell you one of the biggest benefits. Uh, you don’t need to give a crap anymore. It doesn’t matter anymore. When people think of you care a lot less. It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing. Oh, thank you, Mark. Andy, how you doing? Doing great. All right. Looking forward to next year not caring for 40 years old. Yeah. You’ll love it. You’ll love it. It’s great.

Tesla Roofing Reviews

So, uh, let’s talk about this, uh, solar roof. Exciting stuff here. Yeah. We’ll get into that. We’ve got a little, uh, announcement. I know last time we were on, we, uh, uh, told everybody about the promotional that we’re doing for money-wise listeners. We just wanted to reiterate that real fast. So people were aware of it. Um, if you call our office, uh, which you guys can give out the number all day long, whatever you want to do there, um, eight, eight, 8,000. That’s the one. And you mentioned that you heard us on money-wise then, uh, should you go through with the installation and get solar on your home, then we will upgrade your monitoring system. So Mark, tell them a few details about that.

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So yeah, the consumption monitoring, uh, it’s really state-of-the-art, you know, every, every solar system out there does production monitoring tells you how much your solar is producing, but how many systems out there tell you how much of that solar you consumed, how much you put back onto the grid and how much of the grid power did you use may be in the evening time or, you know, whatever. So how many of them show you what you actually consumed off the grid? Like whether you were producing solar or not. And so, you know, people talk about advancements in solar and what’s the next big thing? Uh, you know, it, the technology of solar is pretty much the same as it was in the seventies, but the things that are advancing are things like monitoring. So it helps you manage you, you see this big spike, you say, Oh, well guy, that was my pool pump.

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That’s when I have my pool pump scheduled to come on. Cause you see this big spike in your, your monitoring shows that you know, this usage goes up and say, well, maybe I could change that to a different time of the day if you’re on a time of use plan, for example. So it helps energy manage just as much, you might look at it and say, well, why am I, why is my, uh, load going up as it gets darker while your lights are coming on? Well, let’s change out your bulbs to LEDs, you know, from the incandescent. So helps with the management helps you give that you’re not so disconnected now from your power usage. So just to reiterate

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Your, your, uh, production that your solar system will produce, that’s being monitored. That’s that comes standard in all our installations. But the upgrade is actually monitoring your consumption because my experience is when somebody gets solar, myself included, I w I turned the thermostat down a little bit more. I was like the summer summertime, you know what I’m set of 78. I’m putting out a 76, I got solar up there now. And that, that kind of does you’re still wasting money. Like, you don’t have to do that. Don’t do that. So if you are able to monitor your, your, your usage, that’s a big, a big game-changer for a lot of people. It could be a game. See a whole other side of it’s the other half of the equation.

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Yeah. Yeah. It gives you the full picture. So we’re super excited to offer that to the money-wise customers, because we know that, you know, there’s a lot of smart people out there, but money-wise listeners, all you have to do is to be a little smarter. They tend to, they ask really great questions, you know, uh, and they’re really aware and you know, it’s a financial decision. And so we want them to have all the tools. Yeah.

So good stuff. All right. Now, can we talk about that? The Tesla Roofing? Can’t wait to hear what, yeah. What’s your guys’ take on this. Oh, we have some opinions. Okay. Let’s hear sure. Let’s hear the pros and cons. Oh, it’s beautiful. I don’t, it looks good. Got it. Oh yeah. It looks awesome. Fantastic. Okay. Tesla knows how to make things look good. Right. It’s kind of like the Apple of the energy world. You know you look at your iPhone, you’ll get you, I watch them, their sleep, their sex design, uh, Ilan does have a sexy streak. He’s artistic. Uh, not only is he incredibly intelligent, but he’s artistic, uh, which is a good pairing. Um, that has been one of the big primary chief complaints on the rooftop. Solar is that, uh, the boxy look of the arrays, we understand that that’s an issue. That’s, that’s something that they’re trying to address.

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Um,, we have some issues with the announcement. Number one, that the timing of the announcement was particularly interesting. Um, as we’re mostly aware, a lot of your listeners are aware of the merger, solar city, Tesla Roofing comes one company. Yeah, sure. It’s a little bit of a manipulation there shareholder, right. Because, because it’s really not up to Ilan. That’s right. If it happens. That’s right. And so they’re, they’re really trying to throw a temptation out there to the shareholders that say, Hey, you want to get on board with this? Because look at what we’re doing. It’s, it’s the politics of, of corporate America. Right.

Here’s what you’re saying. Not good. Yeah. So this solar city announcement comes from Elon Musk. Yes. Right. And they did it didn’t they do it at universal studios, the back lot of universal studios and one of the houses there, and it was Friday afternoon five houses that actually had the solar roof on them. Yeah. And it was, they were very modeled homes. You could tell they weren’t real homes. It was just it just for show. And, and that, that is kind of the, uh, that, that is, that is the message that, that we need people to understand is that this product and this announcement right now are just for show, it’s not actually available. It’s not something you could go and purchase. It’s just a concept that they’ve obviously started to develop through. Right. Um, we have no idea on costs, um, or even when it’s going to be available. Do we know when NATO, didn’t make any?

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So you remember as a kid going to like LA auto show, Las Vegas auto show, ATLs concept cards.No, I wish I had gone to those shows. I know as an adult, I see them on TV. And I think I wish I was there. Yes. Well, I remember my dad and I would go to the lax. My dad never took me to one of those shows. You have an amazing father, right? Yeah. So thank you. Thank you. Uh, so he would, we would go there and I remember just looking at these futuristic cars and how many of those cars do we see out there,

Right. Their concept cards. Okay. Lots of cars. And that’s exactly what this is right now. There is no price tag. There are no performance specs. There is nothing other than doesn’t this look really cool. Well guys, give me some positive. Are there any pros? The pros are okay. Let’s say that they do actually pull this off and it actually becomes a product that could be available for your listeners. Well, guess what? Every other company that’s producing solar is going to jump on it. Yeah. I’ve got to try to mimic it. They’re going to be Samsung. It’s going to be the Samsung Apple. Yep, exactly. Exactly.

This is the exact conversation we were having earlier today. It’s a good product. That’s going to make them money. Will then another company is going to produce a similar product. Yes. It’s going to make them it’s as much money. In my opinion, is Elon Musk’s biggest asset that he has working for him. He’s done it with Tesla Roofing is he says, we’re going to re we’re going to rise. The tide of everybody in this industry, Tesla Roofing releases their patent. We say, you guys here, here are the blueprints. Go make your own electric car. We are going to lead it here. You guys hear it as you go make it. Now they’re trying to do the same thing in solar. And guess who’s going to benefit from it. Everybody. We have no beef with that. Well, in fact, I was there. I saw the announcement. I know what was said. Right. I was just as excited as everybody.

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Cause you’re you work in energy, provide energy for the people. This is, I want my home to be that sexy. Yeah. One of the chief complaints that my wife had when, when we decided to get solar, ourselves, was it can’t go on the front of the house because it’s so ugly. And I have to agree. Okay, that’s fine. But then we had to spend the money. I’m still married. We had to spend the extra money to build the structure, to put solar on which chipped into our savings. And the whole point was solar is to be able to save money. Right? And so we have to be smart about that. And I think, yes, the industry is being lifted up by this announcement, but it’s, it is not going to happen quickly. Do not sit on the fence and think, Oh, I’m not doing solar tile. I get that sexy roof. You’re going to be waiting a long time to throw away a lot of money to the pets of the utility. That’s when you start seeing deflation, when people think, Oh, okay, that’s right. Costs are going to come down. So I’m not gonna spend anything. Now I’m going to wait and wait and wait until it comes down. In the meantime, you’ve missed out on all the savings. All right. Let’s take a break here where the money-wise guys we’ll be right back.

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It’s Thursday. It’s a Friday Eve eight four two five three seven six. That’s the phone number. Give us a call. We’d love to hear from you. We’ve got the golden state power guys joining us right now. Solar’s important right now, this is a good example of, uh, something that you can focus on and control and you can control. It’s been a mantra of money-wise focus on those things that you can control. And boy, right now, it’s really time to say that because people get so impassioned about things that they have. Number one, they don’t understand. And number two, they can have zero impact on it. Uh, you know, I wish I could control trade deals with China, but unfortunately, I have nothing to do with that. So why waste all of my energy, worrying about it? What I can do is I can cut my utility bill by quite a bit.

And by cutting my utility bill, I have monthly savings. And now I can use those monthly savings to save for my retirement, to put money towards my kid’s college or add a new roof, whatever it is you want to do, that’s the real value that can really, really change your life and make your life a little bit better. So today, again, it’s a theme. Like it always focuses on those things that you can control. Um, can you guys tell us some stories about, uh, you don’t have to use names or anything stories of people that have made the decision to go solar and what they have said to you afterward about what, you know, how it’s going for them, how they, how they feel it’s worked for them? Well, you’re one of those folks. Yeah. And then you’ve, you’ve spoken to us on many occasions about how, uh, it’s like a burden that’s been lifted. Yep. And it’s like, Hey, you can walk in the house. So you don’t have to get to remember we had that good parenting.

Right. I agree about this waste of energy because all of a sudden your energy

So much cheaper. Yeah, that’s right. Um, I’m also one of them, one of the people that I think solar panels look good on a house. Right. I don’t think they look bad. I like it. I actually share that sentiment. It took, it took me a while. I used to not, I was the same way. And I look on my roof and I’m like, I like it. It’s because it’s becoming so common. And it’s a reminder. Save them money. Exactly. That’s my money, my money. Hey, we, ha we were talking about the Tesla tile. We, you mentioned what you said, the very critical point about Tesla Roofing tile. Let’s sure let’s do this. After we go to the phone lines, let’s go to Andy first online one, Andy, thanks for calling the money-wise guys. How can we help you out, Andy?

Well, I just have a question about solar. I’m not interested in getting solar on my house because I’m 91 years old and who knows, I’m going to be pushing up daisies before long.

Oh, come on. You sound young, Andy. I don’t want to leave it.

I like to sound young, but I don’t feel young. I tell you. But anyway, the question I have, I have a sister who lives in Lake Havasu, Arizona, and she said their electric bills are astronomical because you know, the temperature is really high there. And I said, well, have you ever thought about, uh, solar on your house? She said the city of Lake Havasu will not allow solar people to come to town. Wow. Can they, can they legally do that? Good question.

You know, uh, I believe each state and utility commission within that state, uh, governs those, those rules. So it is possible that they could say, look, we’re not going to allow us a solar in, in these areas for whatever reason.

Now that community, that community of Lake Havasu may be saying that they may actually be in, they may actually be in conflict with what, uh, state and federal guidelines say similar to HOA. HOA hos have said for years, uh, you’re not allowed to put solar. You’re not, you know, aesthetics. Right. So, so speaking to aesthetics, uh, recently there’ve been some court rulings that people have challenged it and they’ve ruled in favor of the consumer and against the HOA saying, no, you can’t keep them from helping the environment

Or putting solar on their roof. Right. Right. Interesting point, Andy. Thanks so much. Thank you for calling. Okay. Thank you. Yeah. Congratulations on making it into your nineties. I hope I’m that? Sure. No kidding. Right. Hey. Okay. So the Tesla Roofing tile guys, they’re beautiful. They’re cool. We don’t know when they’re going to come out. We know the pros and cons, but no performance. We know no degradation. We don’t know anything, no price. Another big thing we need to keep in mind. There is that it’s, it’s really only a product that’s going to be in favor of new construction, right. Or when you’re ready to replace your roof altogether. Yes. Because now they’re integrating the tile roll with the solar technology, which is what makes it sexy. Sure. That is what makes it look so good. But, but that brings on a whole new question of, okay. Does that mean that Tesla Roofing going to be a roofing company, right?

Tesla Power wall – Tesla Roofing

I gotta be a roofing company. Yeah. Cause they’re going to have to make all, not every tile will be a solar panel. It’s just going to look like the other ones that are solar. Right? You don’t need your entire roof rack right now. Right now, the way it’s set up in our country, there is actually no major national roofing company that goes into every state and can actually accommodate that. Interesting to have, to have individual contracts with smaller hometown roofers, which is a whole nother level, like Holy cow. And I come back to Elon Musk, the guy who wants to get humans on Mars. Right. By the way, my son just got a job with space X gradually. Yeah. Wow. Yeah. He’s cool. He was able to get out of the, he was able to get out of his, his GE obligation yet and is going to be working for space facility. And can I just say this?

It is so cool to see a kid that I, that I’ve known his whole life and it’s been just a perennial loser. All of them finally do something with his life. His first two stints at NASA. Weren’t good enough to be embarrassing. Well, you know, you really look to the parents when you have a kid like that, you have to, Elon Musk through Tesla Roofing is going to take solar to a whole nother level here, whole other planet. It’s going to turn it up to 11, but because of the integration with the battery technology and now getting this, this, these highly efficient tiles, I mean, it’s super cool to see. It’s got the phone lines here. We’ve got Jr. Online one. Jared. Thanks for calling what’s on your mind jar.

Hey guys. Um, feel trash again. Trash. I got it. I got a question for the guys. I got a solar a long time ago and I got contacted by, I guess the panels rake up or the elements inside break up. As you guys heard about that. Yeah.

The manufacturer Tesla Roofing, you mean, has a con, has the manufacturer contacted you and said that there are some problems with it? Yeah. It’s, it’s part of a lawsuit and stuff. I got a little card in the mail about my panels and about my, um, my box outside. Yes. I, uh, Jr. While they’re thinking about it, I have heard about class action lawsuits against certain manufacturers. And I don’t know the name of it. I don’t know the manufacturer, but I know that there is at least one, uh, class action lawsuit out there against one of the solar panel manufacturers. And it’s a big one, right?

I know you guys are pushing up against the break and stuff, so Hey, I appreciate it. I call you guys for everything Jr. Stay on the line. We’re going to get that old field trash. Some, a movie passes. So we like it when you call the program. And, uh, we love our oil field trash here on the money. That’s a compliment. That’s not a, that’s not in the majority. I would love more details. I would love to know which spot, the only knowledge I have of, uh, of a class-action lawsuit, recall call, I believe is, you know, don’t, don’t shoot me if

Tesla Solar Roof V3 – Tesla Roofing

I’m wrong, but I believe I read solar about it, is that what it is? Yeah. Solar natural defective solar panel. Class action. Yeah. It’s BP, solar international I believe they’re the manufacturer of Yingli. I want to say they sold them at home Depot. Oh, they sold them. They’re the class asking the lawsuit is against BP, solar international and home Depot, and Home Depot overall sale of allegedly

Did solar. Well, the only, the only home Depot, California residents, the only home Depot, uh, sales are a solar city. Okay. There must’ve been a period of time. [inaudible] purchased solar panels manufactured by BP from 2001 to 2004 solar city or own properties on which BP solar panels were installed. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. It’s a big one.

Yeah. And, and, and there have been, there have been other murmurings, uh, uh, you know, when, when a product doesn’t produce, you know, the way you are told it will by your sales rep, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the equipment. It might be the salesperson.

Tesla Roofing, Yeah. For over-promising fall $7 million settlement. He could very possibly end up with some nice new solar panels. Sure. Yup. Absolutely. You want to have the, you know, the manufacturer that’s backing the warranty on your solar panels. It’s only as good as that company is important. Jr. If it is BP, you can go online and download the class action settlement claim form. So I’m not telling you to do it or not do it. I’m just saying it’s on there. Yeah. So go get ’em, tiger. You’ll get them tighter. Well, I’ll tell you what, there, there is a, anytime you see a new industry, come, come around. Uh, you see some mud shenanigans occasionally. And so we, as the moneywise guys are your protector of your, of your financial decisions. We don’t want to mislead you. We want to send you to the right people. Highly recommend you.

Go check them out over there at golden state power. They’ll do your right. Uh, they’re doing it the right way. So give them a call. It’s five-eight, eight, 8,005, eight, eight, 8,000. Thanks, guys. Thanks for coming in. You guys have a good weekend. You too. All right. We’re gonna take off now, but uh, we have Theo Douglas for possibly the final time in the studio and I’m going to start crying. What a bummer. What a bummer. We’re going to take advantage of them now, the only full hour. It’s not let them leave. We’re the moneywise guys. We’ll be back.


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