Using Solar Energy to Generate Electricity

Using solar energy to generate electricity
Using solar energy to generate electricity

Generating electricity from solar energy

Generate Electricity, Electricity is generated through solar energy in two ways, which are as follows: [1]

  • Photovoltaic energy: used for 30 years, which depends on the presence of photoelectric cells consisting of thin layers of silicon and other materials, which are square semiconductors. Sunlight reaches it. Chemical reactions inside the cell begin with the release of an electron that generates an electric current that can power an entire building.
  • Thermal energy: It is the traditional technique in which reflectors focus the sun’s rays to form steam to run generators. It is worth noting that there are two technologies that depend on thermal energy, which are as follows:
  1. Exploiting the heat of sunlight to heat helium gas, hydrogen gas, or liquid sodium to form gas Pressurized or steam to move a turbine to generate electricity.
  2. Directing mirrors that reflect the sun’s rays into a large tower with liquid inside, which turns into steam that drives turbines and thus generates electricity.

A modern project to generate electricity with solar energy

Due to the high costs of towers, pipes and pumps, the costs of installation and operation, and because the stability of the degrees between hot and cold is an obstacle to all materials, in addition to the need for a heat storage system when the sun is set, all these reasons have prompted Professor of Mechanical Engineering Alexander Slocum and a multidisciplinary team to An advanced device design solves this problem. Among the most important advantages of this invention are: [2]

  • The device is a large tank that contains molten salt, as the salt has the ability to withstand very high temperatures in addition to its great ability to absorb heat.
  • Install the Heliostat device; On one of the tops, which focuses the sun’s rays directly on the salt inside the tank through a small hole in it.
  • The heat is distributed throughout the tank due to the molten salt carrying the heat.
  • When power is generated, hot salt is skimmed from the top of the tank and passed through a steam generator, and the cold, molten salt returns to the bottom of the tank.
  • In the absence of sunlight or in the evening, the tank openings are closed to reduce heat loss.

Solar energy

Solar energy is energy from sunlight that is converted into electrical energy or thermal energy, and this energy is the cleanest and most abundant type of renewable energy and has a variety of uses such as generating electricity, lighting, ensuring a comfortable indoor environment, and heating water and the United States is the richest country in the world. Solar-powered. [3]



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